Regular general conditions for the use of images in different media areas (source: MFM Bildhonorare)

Terms and Conditions:

- The fee calculation for the underlying support generally refers to the printed edition.

- The Image Source - copyright notice according to § 13 German Copyright Act and agency notice in accordance with the terms and conditions - is always required on each image.

Rights of third parties:
- When using images that relate to the personality, Art copyright, trademark and other rights of third parties, they must be obtained separately.

Image sources:
- Physical image templates are provided only on loan and are subject to back end.
- Digital image templates are deleted after use. The storage at the user requires a separate agreement.

Fees, costs:
- The listed fees are based on the unique right of use within the defined scope of use. Other uses are to pay bonuses.
- The fees quoted are in euros, net of VAT, always based on a single image.
- The usage rights are awarded for Germany, unless otherwise indicated.
- Service charges are not included in the fees for use. You will be charged separately.

- Surcharges/discounts apply to the point of use, current basic fee and the respective purpose of use. The total is a new usage fee. Should be extended or additional usage rights must be calculated, they must be based on the new basic fee.
Commercial usage plus 100% extra, unless otherwise indicated.
- Exclusive rights and blackout periods: charge by agreement, unless otherwise indicated.
- Due to increased production costs:
- Air and underwater shots: plus 100%.
- Model shots: up 30%, from 6 Models plus 100%.
- Exceptional and/or costly shots: charge by appointment.

Extended Licenses/additional usage rights
- Extensions of periods of use are Extended Licenses.
- Repeated impression in the same issue or repeated use in the same production (TV, film, Internet, multimedia, etc.) within the agreed life of existing: minus 50% discount on the lower fee
- Simultaneous acquisition of additional usage rights for distribution in additional countries, based on the total circulation:
- p
er country plus 35% surcharge on the pads and format-related fees
- per continent plus 100% surcharge on the pads and format-related fee world rights plus 150% surcharge on the pads and format-related fees

- Penalty for unauthorized use: if such a clause is included in the terms of image provider fivefold fee (OLG Ffm Az 11U 49/96 (I / 1), OLG Celle Az 13U 81/96 + 13 U 139/96) .
- Under Permitted Image Source: plus 100% surcharge.
- Figure sizes that are not calculated according to DIN, refer to the text area.
- The picture size of the title (main title picture) is independent of format.
- Small-size reproductions to the main title screen will be charged a format-based award as ausgewisen.
Pictures of products on which motifs are delivered shall be additionally charged for the application of the same product on the agreed scope of use out when playback of the product is greater than 1:1.

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