Pixtacy provides a powerful search function, on which are found to the desired subject. These can be found right above a search box in which you can enter the desired keywords. Pixtacy searches all associated text information for each individual image. These include title, description text, keywords, IPTC fields, but also file and folder name. Is in these texts contain the search term, the picture is taken in the hit list.

These are the rules by which the search works:

The upper/lower case is ignored in the search. The search for woman thus finds woman and vice versa.

The case of umlaut is handled less tolerant. A search for spring finds no images in which the spelling spring occurs, and vice versa, the same applies. For a search for fruhling also spring.

Searches are by default interpreted as the beginnings of words, rather than whole words. Thus, a term is interpreted as letters, you need to put behind an asterisk (*) as a wildcard.

Are you a multiple search words, searching for images that contain ALL words or word beginnings. The order and position in which occur the words, it does not matter.

Very short words (with less than four characters) are ignored in the search. A search for jpg always returns z. Example, an empty result.

To search for a fixed phrase consisting of several words, it includes the words in quotation marks. The search for "holiday 2010" So will occur only between images, in which the words vacation and 2010 with just a space.

To exclude certain words or word beginnings, it makes this preceded by a minus sign. The search for holiday -2010 finds images that leave the word, but NOT contain the word in 2010.

If you enter multiple search words, searching for images in which occurs at least ONE of the words. This corresponds to a logical OR operation. To search for images that contain ALL words, you have every word a plus sign prefix (AND operation). You can also mix the different types of links.

Only the asterisk (*) stands as a surrogate available, percent sign (%) and underscore (_) is not.

To search specifically in certain IPTC fields, provides you search the (English) fieldname. Searching for keywords: vacation takes only images in which the word holiday in the keywords found. Images in which the word appears only in the title or in the image description will not be included in the hit list. The following table shows the field name that can be used in the search: